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  • 〓eason games in ○China03-31-2017 07■:

    26 BJTThe N●HL announc○ed here on

    ire gen○erations of Chines〓e players and fan●s to enjoy our sp■ort. We recognize ■the importance of ○helping China● build a strong n●ational hoc●key pr

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CBA finals followi●ng 111-103 vic○tory over Liaoning〓 in semis G〓ame 5Xinjiang int●o CBA finals ●following 111

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-103 ■victory over Liao○ning in se■mis Game 5Xinjian●g into CBA fin●als following 111■-103 victor◆y over Liaoni

on Septemb?/a>

Wukeso◆ng Le S

1-1■03 on Sunda○y in Game 5 of the ◆Chinese Basket■ball Association (C〓BA) league semif■inals, winni○ng the bes

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    he fi●nals also with a 4-■1 record after ●beating She●nzhen 103-90 on ●Sunday.Xinjiang●, which had previou〓sly reached th●e CBA finals■ four time○s, w

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    e 2017 NHL C◆hina Games, pre◆sente

    cing Liaoning Sun◆day nigt in Be■nxi, Xinjia●ng rebounded from Fr●iday's contr●oversial def●eat and hit● their form qu●ickly i

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